Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software are both required to make computer functioning.

Software control the computer hardware and makes it do useful work.

Hardware refers to physical components that make up computer system.

Introduction To PC

People probably use a personal computer (PC) to play games, browse the internet, do words processing or even create professional looking ghaphic for website.

Learning computer aperation and its hardware, give us comfidence to handle PC wel without any trouble.. But how do we face a computer when it has a problem? I going to discuss bout that later on...

Type Of computers.

Laptop or Notebook (top) Desktop (below)

Should I buy a laptop or desktop?

Well, to answer that have to ask your self. I give a hint to help..

Laptop are a good fit for road warrior or people who need mobile solution. While a desktop are good for someone not so in travel. Got it?